Underground Music Museum is curated by Bryan Baker of GAJOOB Magazine, Cassette Culture Shock Radio, HomemadeMusic.com, Tapegerm and more. My goal is to document, catalog and present a large library of music and related material: thousands of cassette, CDR and other albums independently made and distributed around the world by artists with often singular visions and consuming passions, along with related correspondence and other material. And an exit through the gift shop, just for fun.

Category: Cassette

  • Coalmine 5 – Døden Drømmer Livet

    Coalmine 5 – Døden Drømmer Livet

    Cassette #5076

  • Blair Petrie – The Meaning of Love (cassette)

    Blair Petrie – The Meaning of Love (cassette)

    Archive #4153 This was distributed by Alex Douglas’ CLEM/CLAS (Contact List of Electronic Music) out of Vancouver, Canada Blair Petrie can let loose some emotional stuff when he wants too. And we wants to, here. “The Meaning of Love” serves as a sort of cycle around the various states of such. Searching and longing. Even […]

  • Dumpster Times #7

    GAJOOB Archive #4560 AudioAnarchy is the first cassette version of my print zine DumpsterTimes. I asked for contributions from some friends and this is what they tossed into the Dumpster. My own work on the tape reflects my love of improvisational theatre. Everything not attributed to a spe­cific text was improvised. This was my first […]

  • Baneemy – Walter Martin Cult

    Baneemy – Walter Martin Cult

    Archive ID 3894 Walter Martin was a fundamentalist bible airwave evangelist. WMC is a pointed attack against his ”answer-all” approach to bullshit preaching over 120 minutes of seamless wonder. Stylistically, Baneemy take influences ranging from The Violent Femmes to The Residents to The Beatles. Basically, the main  instrument is a very melodic acoustic guitar. played […]

  • Swinebolt 45 – Jeering At Shamen

    Swinebolt 45 – Jeering At Shamen

    This tape consists of previously released material, condensed for Al’s SOP label.  A pretty fair electronic excursion, but rather unmemoriable.  There’s some nice subtlety here and there, and a little grappling with peaks.  Good for background– and that’s probably the whole point.   Bryan Baker, GAJOOB #4 https://pogus.com

  • Various Artists – Refried Dreams

    Various Artists – Refried Dreams

    This tape features some of Darrell’s “….faves of the so-called underground.”  And a fine tape it is, with Al Perry, Lord Litter, John Bartles, Sister Ray, Don Campau and more.  Overall, this has a tasty, raw bite to it, with everything from shout-it-out screamers to a wonderfully composed and executed instrumental by Perry.  

  • Dust That Collects – Dust Never Sleeps

    Dust That Collects – Dust Never Sleeps
  • None Other – The Path Of Least Resistance

    Mike Carlson and Chad Lawrence make up this keyboard and digital effects based outfit.  On the cover of this tape is a quote by John Cage, circa 1937:  “I believe that the use of noise to make music will continue and increase until we reach a music produced through the aid of electrical instruments that […]