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Baneemy – Walter Martin Cult

Baneemy – Walter Martin Cult

Archive ID 3894

Walter Martin was a fundamentalist bible airwave evangelist. WMC is a pointed attack against his ”answer-all” approach to bullshit preaching over 120 minutes of seamless wonder. Stylistically, Baneemy take influences ranging from The Violent Femmes to The Residents to The Beatles. Basically, the main 

instrument is a very melodic acoustic guitar. played with a lot of soul. Occasional keyboards rise up to round it all out, while all sorts of recording effects are employed with subtle skill. This is music for thought. Deep thought The meaning of evangelistic greed and hypocrisy. What price Faith? This is not an attack borne of some sort of nihilistic frenzy, although a certain defensiveness rears its head on occasion. Loaded with feeling on a million and one levels. This is a must-have you must get. 

Bryan Baker, GAJOOB #5

Baneemy was a secretive 2-man band. I came into contact with “j” after he contacted me through my radio show on KRCL. We got together and I helped him create the project’s first album under the Ipso Facto name called Something New?

The Ipso and Facto met while serving as mormon missionaries in Wisconsin and the Walter Martin Cult album came about during a weekend visit some time after their service.

Being an insider to the group, I was given the double-cassette album and it was a fast favorite. It saw regular rotation on my Cassette Culture Shock radio show and a decade after its release I offered up a couple dozen sound loop extracts for a Tapegerm project which yielded an album of material by artists such as Mental Anguish, Deep 13, David Fuglewicz, Charles Rice Goff III, Anixas, Omnitechnomatrix, Blind Mime Ensemble and others.

-> Download Tapegerm source files

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