Tapegerm evolved out of a collaboration project GAJOOB ran through homemademusic.com, taking loops from a few cassette albums in GAJOOB’s archive and offering them on the website for artists to use in making new music. The idea was to expose people to albums and artists in the cassette archive through a collaborative exchange and create a kind of living piece of work in which the sources were given new life in a new recording.

Some of the artists taking part discussed the project on IIRC Chat and wanted to move it forward by setting up a central pool where we uploaded loops of our own making for everyone to use in new compositions.

From there Tapegerm became an artist collective and over the course of its first decade released 50+ albums worth of material.

Currently the project is still available to explore and participate at tapegerm.com.

  • Tapegermination Vol.1 No7

    Tapegermination Vol.1 No7

    The seventh collection of music to come out of the Tapegerm Collective project was released some time in 2000, judging from Wayback snapshots of tapegerm.com which lists a dozen albums out by August 2001 (which was just at one-and-a-half years of activity at that point). The germinations were released in two volumes, the first consisting…

  • Jeremy Gluck & Emily Griffiths – Slide

    Drawing once again on the loops of the thriving Tapegerm Loop Community, this recording marks my return to purely solo work after a long time resting on the great remixes made of my pieces by many artists. Taking an old poem evoking a mystical experience following a fast, I invited Welsh voice Emily Griffiths to…

  • Baneemy – Walter Martin Cult

    Baneemy – Walter Martin Cult

    Archive ID 3894 Walter Martin was a fundamentalist bible airwave evangelist. WMC is a pointed attack against his ”answer-all” approach to bullshit preaching over 120 minutes of seamless wonder. Stylistically, Baneemy take influences ranging from The Violent Femmes to The Residents to The Beatles. Basically, the main  instrument is a very melodic acoustic guitar. played…