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  • Mental Anguish – King Leo

    King Leo otherwise known as Lee the O.G. the O.D, just approaching 9 years of age, contracted diabetes 4 years ago, controlled by insulin shots for the last 4 years, well the King seems to have decided to go off like Lion Kings do. 9 days ago he went off as usual on his daily […]

  • Phinney Jackson McGee – March 2022 Synthesizer Improvisations

    Phinney Jackson McGee – March 2022 Synthesizer Improvisations

    Harsh Reality Music GAJOOB Archive ID 4672 https://harshrealitymusic.bandcamp.com/album/march-2022-synthesizer-improvisations March 2022 synthesizer improvisations by Phinney Jackson McGee LABEL NOTES: March 2022 synthesizer improvisations was recorded March 5-7, 2022 at Electronic Cottage Headquarters Gainesville, Florida. Released March 13, 2022. Michael Thomas Jackson: Behringer PRO-1 analog synthesizer Animoog, ODYSSEi, iVCS3, Ripplemaker synth apps Field Recording on “Ditchless and […]

  • Baneemy – Walter Martin Cult

    Baneemy – Walter Martin Cult

    Archive ID 3894 Walter Martin was a fundamentalist bible airwave evangelist. WMC is a pointed attack against his ”answer-all” approach to bullshit preaching over 120 minutes of seamless wonder. Stylistically, Baneemy take influences ranging from The Violent Femmes to The Residents to The Beatles. Basically, the main  instrument is a very melodic acoustic guitar. played […]