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  • GAJOOB 7 Sampler Series

    GAJOOB 7 Sampler Series

    I released eight 60-minutes tapes that were made available with GAJOOB #7. I reached out to everyone submitting something for review and asked if they wanted to appear on the compilation tapes and I included everyone who said yes. I think it stands as a good reflection of the wide range of recordings being created…

  • GAJOOBilation 7.4

    GAJOOBilation 7.4

    This is the fourth volume in GAJOOB’s cassette compilation series published in conjunction with GAJOOB #7.

  • Dumpster Times #7

    GAJOOB Archive #4560 AudioAnarchy is the first cassette version of my print zine DumpsterTimes. I asked for contributions from some friends and this is what they tossed into the Dumpster. My own work on the tape reflects my love of improvisational theatre. Everything not attributed to a speĀ­cific text was improvised. This was my first…