• Swinebolt 45 – Jeering At Shamen

    Swinebolt 45 – Jeering At Shamen

    This tape consists of previously released material, condensed for Al’s SOP label.  A pretty fair electronic excursion, but rather unmemoriable.  There’s some nice subtlety here and there, and a little grappling with peaks.  Good for background– and that’s probably the whole point.   Bryan Baker, GAJOOB #4 https://pogus.com

  • Various Artists – Refried Dreams

    Various Artists – Refried Dreams

    This tape features some of Darrell’s “….faves of the so-called underground.”  And a fine tape it is, with Al Perry, Lord Litter, John Bartles, Sister Ray, Don Campau and more.  Overall, this has a tasty, raw bite to it, with everything from shout-it-out screamers to a wonderfully composed and executed instrumental by Perry.