Underground Music Museum is curated by Bryan Baker of GAJOOB Magazine, Cassette Culture Shock Radio, HomemadeMusic.com, Tapegerm and more. My goal is to document, catalog and present a large library of music and related material: thousands of cassette, CDR and other albums independently made and distributed around the world by artists with often singular visions and consuming passions, along with related correspondence and other material. And an exit through the gift shop, just for fun.

Michael J. Bowman – Joy Rocket Terminal

Michael J. Bowman – Joy Rocket Terminal

GAJOOB Archive #4748

Michael J. Bowman’s music ranged over 1984-2009 branching out from a psychedelic rock base outward to more experimental ventures. Bowman often changed names to MJB90 to CLOUD to Velveeta Heartbreak and, I think, more.

Bowman contributed the art for GAJOOB #7 and his art was more of a presence later on as in this release where the hand-produced CD had one-of-a-kind art on it.

Joy Rocket Terminal is raw, pure energy psych rock that goes wherever Mike’s muse takes you. For me, this is among my favorites in the catalog.

Currently you can listen to almost all of MJB’s recording on a single Bandcamp page and his notes there are a must-read.

On bandcamp.

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