Underground Music Labels are most often started by artists distributing their own music and then begin distributing music by other artists with the same artistic ethic.

  • Josef K. Noyce

    Josef K. Noyce

    An archival website for the Josef K. Noyce project of Wolfgang Doringer.

  • Captive Audience/Pivotal Records

    Captive Audience/Pivotal Records

    Captive Audience is the electronic music project of Conley/Warwick. The duo was active in the underground tape world and contributed to Tapegerm in its beginnings and later as well. Captive Audience also created short films and distributed them on VHS tapes. Artifacts

  • Joseph Benzola’s Amanita Music

    Joseph Benzola’s Amanita Music

    Joseph Benzola is an independent multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer living in NY. He does not conform to one discipline’ idiom~ or theory, but embraces all types of music’s and playing philosophies. He does not see a dichotomy between written or improvised, acoustic or electric, real time or sequenced, jazz, classical, rock, world music, etc. Instead,…

  • Tangerine Tapes/The Cocker Spaniels

    Tangerine Tapes/The Cocker Spaniels

    Exhibit #03819 Tangerine Tapes is hometaper Sean Padilla’s label for his music and others he likes. GAJOOB reviewed 16-year-old Sean’s first tape, just a bunch of confused kids, and I was immediately blown away.

  • SHiT tapes

    SHiT tapes

    P08826 SHiT tapes was a label based in Bergen, Norway, started in 1980, releasing compilations of progressive, jazz, rock, and folk.

  • Scum Yr Earth

    Scum Yr Earth

    Located in Paris, France, Scum Yr Earth was started in 2007 by Joseph Ghosn and Michel Wisniewski, in order to issue their own music, Scum Yr Earth has since opened its doors to other artists. Related