Underground Music Museum is curated by Bryan Baker of GAJOOB Magazine, Cassette Culture Shock Radio, HomemadeMusic.com, Tapegerm and more. My goal is to document, catalog and present a large library of music and related material: thousands of cassette, CDR and other albums independently made and distributed around the world by artists with often singular visions and consuming passions, along with related correspondence and other material. And an exit through the gift shop, just for fun.

GAJOOB Currents Collection

Underground music exchange continues to evolve and is more accessible and has more engagement with its audience than ever. The primary hub is now Bandcamp where the cost of entry is essentially zero and limits are minimal to non-existent.

Additionally, underground music’s sphere is more global and borderless than ever as well. It’s an exciting time to be both a maker of music and a fan of music and since I am both, it’s a great time to be.

Let me know what YOU are making!