Robin James Letter With Interview Questions For GAJOOB November 10, 1989


Here are some questions I have devised for you regarding our interview. These are questions from me for you to answer on tape.


How did GAJOOB get started?

What did you find int he way of models for how GAJOOB should be when your were starting?

How much mail do you get?

How many tapes do you get a month?

What does Applegoon mean?

Would an electronic version of GAJOOB work?

How much influence does your not liking a particular tape have on whether or not it gets mentioned in GAJOOB?

What general kinds of styles would best describe the kinds of tapes you receive?

What kinds of people subscribe to GAJOOB?

Do the people who send you things subscribe?

When will the DATs be here? (do you care?)

Do you own, or use a VCR?


What would you like to see happen with GAJOOB in the future?

If there was an electronic database of artists who work along the lines of exchanging their works, video tapes, audio tapes or computer material, what kinds of things would you expect to find on it? (more about this later)

Should such a system be limited to audio tapes? or maybe video too?

How could you get at it?

How could more folks get at it?


What would you do with a list of people who make audio art on cassettes and want to hear cool new stuff?

What kinds of things would interested people do with that same list?

What should that list have on it?

I was thinking of these features, would you care to respond?

Name of artist, name of band, name of distributor, title of work, stylistic descriptors, instruments used, related work, contact addresses, new compilations being collected, ongoing compilation projects, traders (tape for tape), tape collectors who would like to receive promotional material from underground artists, homecomputer networker, radio broadcasters, video, special contests, et cetera

If there were an electronic version or a magazine (probably a synthesis of the two, the magazine would be a printout of the database, plus (whattheheck) a CD-ROM version. there would be pages for posting entire catalogs with a fee per page.

Right now i’m starting to goof around with HyperCard on a Mac here at the university.


Where did you first come across a cassette? (the notion of recording?) what did you do with it? then-what?

What kinds of technology do you use (personally operate)?

How much time do you with it?

how much time do you spend listening to tapes?

How would you characterize “the scene” of cassette enthusiasts?

Are there separate camps, what is separate about them?

What magazines do you find valuable?

What books?

What cassette magazines (recorded or, tape) exist? (including poetry)

What radio shows that play tapes have you had any contact with?

Do you like ben and jerrys icecream?

What kind of tape deck (s) you own? have you ever used one up (until it wore out beyond use except as a radio etc.) how many have you used up?

What is missing?

After reading this I realize that you may want to pick a few or even just one, and go into more detail, passing over most of these questions As you see fit.

I might take a long time to do something with this, but it is possible it may be within the next year. I will try to expedite responding to your interview questions, Fridays are my days to do stuff around the house. maybe i could do it at the library. Anyway, I anticipate a week or ten days or so turnaround time for
your interview. Looking forward to it!

Responding to your interview will be enjoyable, i look forward to it!

Bye for now!



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