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  • GAJOOB #7

    GAJOOB #7

    GAJOOB #7 was published in 1990 and was the largest issue in terms of content. There was also an eight-volume cassette compilation featuring nearly 200 artists. This page on the Underground Music Museum serves as in index to this material. Artifacts

  • The DiY Report

    The DiY Report

    The DiY Report was a free email newsletter published by GAJOOB between 1994 and 2001. 128 issues were published. The content centered on providing contacts and activities for underground recording artists.

  • Lemon Magazine

    Lemon Magazine

    Exhibit #00606 Lemon Magazine was an Australian underground music magazine by Louise Lemon of Glebe, outside of Sydney. Lemon and Louise came to GAJOOB via Cameron Craig whose Brain Pain Sampler cassettes were filled with choice underground Aussie bands. Cameron and Louise made a stop in Salt Lake while taking Amtrack through the states while…

  • Robin James Letter With Interview Questions For GAJOOB November 10, 1989

    Bryan Here are some questions I have devised for you regarding our interview. These are questions from me for you to answer on tape. ABOUT YOU How did GAJOOB get started? What did you find int he way of models for how GAJOOB should be when your were starting? How much mail do you get?…

  • Cassette Mythos Database Listing Project 1990

    Cassette Mythos Database Listing Project 1990

  • Cassette Mythos

    Cassette Mythos

    Robin James was instrumental in cassette culture’s formative years. His reviews in the Castanets column in OP Magazine focused on cassettes and was a hub in the development of the artist network that grew around it, establishing a place people around the world who were making recordings apart from any kind of music industry could…

  • Dumpster Times

    An anarchist zine by Wendy S. Duke out of Akron, Ohio.

  • The DiY Report #92

    The DiY Report #92 July 24, 1999 Published via e-mail every Monday (give or take). Subscriptions are free. CONTACTbryan@gajoob.comhttp://www.gajoob.comGAJOOB, PO Box 3201, Salt Lake City, Utah 84110 GAJOOB NOTES You can get a copy of the new Homemade Music Magazine absolutely FREE by mail by sending your snail address to It is 32 pages…