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  • GAJOOB #7

    GAJOOB #7

    GAJOOB #7 was published in 1990 and was the largest issue in terms of content. There was also an eight-volume cassette compilation featuring nearly 200 artists. This page on the Underground Music Museum serves as in index to this material. Artifacts

  • Hal McGee

    Hal McGee

    Lots of creative activity flows around and through Hal McGee, starting well before his Electronic Cottage zine, late 80’s to early 90’s. EC took shape as a facebook group and that’s where a lot of the current activity starts and takes shape, fostering lots of ongoing creative audio projects that usually land on Bandcamp where…

  • Josef K. Noyce

    Josef K. Noyce

    An archival website for the Josef K. Noyce project of Wolfgang Doringer.

  • John T. Baker

    John T. Baker

    John T. Baker first arrived in GAJOOB’s PO Box with his cassette, Itchy Scalp Theater in 1995, and was an instant favorite of mine. His brand of guitar-laden, melodic pop is a joy. He has released his music under a few different label names: Ivey deMilo Recordings was early and recently it’s Baker Acres.

  • Dave Fuglewicz

    Dave Fuglewicz

    #151 Dave Fuglewicz was a creator of electronic music since the early 80’s and active in independent music circles since 1990. As a longtime Tapegerm collaborator, he explored a wide range of styles working both solo and together with a wide range of artists from noise to spoken word. Before his passing he archived a large body of…

  • Dino DiMuro

    Dino DiMuro

    #593 Dino DiMuro was one of my early favorite hometaper contacts; his quirky prog rock pop songs were full of quick changes and odd slices of life. Dino was first interviewed in GAJOOB #4.

  • Captive Audience/Pivotal Records

    Captive Audience/Pivotal Records

    Captive Audience is the electronic music project of Conley/Warwick. The duo was active in the underground tape world and contributed to Tapegerm in its beginnings and later as well. Captive Audience also created short films and distributed them on VHS tapes. Artifacts

  • Joseph Benzola’s Amanita Music

    Joseph Benzola’s Amanita Music

    Joseph Benzola is an independent multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer living in NY. He does not conform to one discipline’ idiom~ or theory, but embraces all types of music’s and playing philosophies. He does not see a dichotomy between written or improvised, acoustic or electric, real time or sequenced, jazz, classical, rock, world music, etc. Instead,…

  • Stephen George Smith

    Stephen George Smith

    Stephen was the first artist to respond to GAJOOB’s call for submissions to the Discussions CD project. I’m afraid this contirbution was the extent of Smith’s work appearing in GAJOOB. See Stephen George Smith on Apple Music

  • Leif(Kolt)


    We received the 2005 debut release from Leif(Kolt) who is active beyond 2020 and also run Black Candle Tattoo Co.