Underground Music Museum is curated by Bryan Baker of GAJOOB Magazine, Cassette Culture Shock Radio, HomemadeMusic.com, Tapegerm and more. My goal is to document, catalog and present a large library of music and related material: thousands of cassette, CDR and other albums independently made and distributed around the world by artists with often singular visions and consuming passions, along with related correspondence and other material. And an exit through the gift shop, just for fun.

Category: Exhibits

  • Captive Audience/Pivotal Records

    Captive Audience/Pivotal Records

    Captive Audience is the electronic music project of Conley/Warwick. The duo was active in the underground tape world and contributed to Tapegerm in its beginnings and later as well. Captive Audience also created short films and distributed them on VHS tapes.

  • Joseph Benzola’s Amanita Music

    Joseph Benzola’s Amanita Music

    Joseph Benzola is an independent multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer living in NY. He does not conform to one discipline’ idiom~ or theory, but embraces all types of music’s and playing philosophies. He does not see a dichotomy between written or improvised, acoustic or electric, real time or sequenced, jazz, classical, rock, world music, etc. Instead, […]

  • Stephen George Smith

    Stephen George Smith

    Stephen was the first artist to respond to GAJOOB’s call for submissions to the Discussions CD project. I’m afraid this contirbution was the extent of Smith’s work appearing in GAJOOB. See Stephen George Smith on Apple Music

  • Leif(Kolt)


    We received the 2005 debut release from Leif(Kolt) who is active beyond 2020 and also run Black Candle Tattoo Co.

  • The DiY Report

    The DiY Report

    The DiY Report was a free email newsletter published by GAJOOB between 1994 and 2001. 128 issues were published. The content centered on providing contacts and activities for underground recording artists.

  • Tangerine Tapes/The Cocker Spaniels

    Tangerine Tapes/The Cocker Spaniels

    Exhibit #03819 Tangerine Tapes is hometaper Sean Padilla’s label for his music and others he likes. GAJOOB reviewed 16-year-old Sean’s first tape, just a bunch of confused kids, and I was immediately blown away.

  • SHiT tapes

    SHiT tapes

    P08826 SHiT tapes was a label based in Bergen, Norway, started in 1980, releasing compilations of progressive, jazz, rock, and folk.

  • Hoover’s G-String

    Hoover’s G-String

    Hoover’s G-String was an Arlington, Virginia garage band active from 1996 to around 2004. GAJOOB received their debut cassette and a quick follow-up called New Red Demo. Two years later came their first CD, Gargle.

  • Tom Furgas

    Tom Furgas

    P00474 Tom Furgas’ 1986 Courtesy Patrol cassette with Bill Lehman called Razor Clocks was one of my earliest exposures to cassette culture and resonated with my own style of music most among the first tapes I ordered. Tom was the first cassette culture artist I interviewed.

  • Lemon Magazine

    Lemon Magazine

    Exhibit #00606 Lemon Magazine was an Australian underground music magazine by Louise Lemon of Glebe, outside of Sydney. Lemon and Louise came to GAJOOB via Cameron Craig whose Brain Pain Sampler cassettes were filled with choice underground Aussie bands. Cameron and Louise made a stop in Salt Lake while taking Amtrack through the states while […]