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  • Tom Furgas – OneOfAKind Disc 17 February 2007

    Tom Furgas – OneOfAKind Disc 17 February 2007

    Archive Item #5073 The main purpose of doing those was not to limit access to the music, but to make a unique recording that I wouldn’t have to mass produce. Or rather, mass production to the extent that I am able to do it. I think of those as akin to unique artworks rather than,…

  • Michael J. Bowman – Joy Rocket Terminal

    Michael J. Bowman – Joy Rocket Terminal

    GAJOOB Archive #4748 Michael J. Bowman’s music ranged over 1984-2009 branching out from a psychedelic rock base outward to more experimental ventures. Bowman often changed names to MJB90 to CLOUD to Velveeta Heartbreak and, I think, more. Bowman contributed the art for GAJOOB #7 and his art was more of a presence later on as…

  • Dave Fuglewicz – Underlight

    Dave Fuglewicz – Underlight

    GAJOOB Archive #4738 NOTES: There’s no theme to this release, it is organized to flow well when listened to as a whole, or even half whole. While I still have some older releases to add to my archive org library, I have quite a lot of solo, collaborations and all my Tapegerm collaborations to add…

  • Captive Audience – Find Similar

    Captive Audience – Find Similar

    Archive #4708 Find Similar contains 10 remix tracks by Captive Audience (Craig Conley and Michael Warwick) who were active around GAJOOB’s sphere during this time (1999), having appeared on the first Tapegerm album, Mix.One which resulted from the activity fostered at which lead into the formation of Tapegerm.