Category: Artifacts

  • GAJOOB 7 Sampler Series

    GAJOOB 7 Sampler Series

    I released eight 60-minutes tapes that were made available with GAJOOB #7. I reached out to everyone submitting something for review and asked if they wanted to appear on the compilation tapes and I included everyone who said yes. I think it stands as a good reflection of the wide range of recordings being created…

  • Cassette Mythos Online

    Cassette Mythos Online

    I have a number of artifacts centering around Robin James’ Cassette Mythos project. It was one of my early introductions to underground home recording and Robin was one of the few people to come through Salt Lake City and visit me. There were two encounters, both brief stops on his way to destinations across the…

  • GAJOOBilation 7.4

    GAJOOBilation 7.4

    This is the fourth volume in GAJOOB’s cassette compilation series published in conjunction with GAJOOB #7.

  • Hal MGee Tapegerm: Circuit Bent Casio SK1 Project

    Hal MGee Tapegerm: Circuit Bent Casio SK1 Project

    This was a project from 2008 available within the group. This work is licensed under CC BY 4.0 Attribution: Hal McGee, Tapegerm Collective

  • Tapegerm Collective: The Recordings of Hal McGee

    Tapegerm Collective: The Recordings of Hal McGee

    These are the recordings of Hal McGee in collaboration with the Tapegerm Collective 2000-2010

  • CassetteCourtesy Patrol – Razor Clocks (Cassette, 1986)

    CassetteCourtesy Patrol – Razor Clocks (Cassette, 1986)

    #5075 I found a review of Razor Clocks in Option Magazine in 1986 and ordered a copy. It was one of the first homemade cassette albums I got and it started a lifelong love for this kind of underground music. Courtesy Patrol was Tom Furgas playing most instruments and doing the recording production and Bill…

  • The French Broads – Tubes, Wood & Metal (CD, 2002)

    The French Broads – Tubes, Wood & Metal (CD, 2002)

    #5125 ARTIST/LABEL NOTES: Compared to a range of bands, from Television to the Beach Boys, the dB’s to the Byrds, The French Broads offer you their second CD, “tubes, Wood & Metal” on Nashville’s Disgraceland Records. The marriage of multi-textured guitars to John Baker’s pop song structures has yielded yet another collection of guitar pop…

  • Tapegermination Vol.1 No7

    Tapegermination Vol.1 No7

    The seventh collection of music to come out of the Tapegerm Collective project was released some time in 2000, judging from Wayback snapshots of which lists a dozen albums out by August 2001 (which was just at one-and-a-half years of activity at that point). The germinations were released in two volumes, the first consisting…

  • Discover Sounds: Backyard House by Dino DiMuro

    This is a song from Disc 2 of my upcoming double CD, DINO’S 50. Like most songs on that album, BACKYARD HOUSE features a Fender Stratocaster on the left speaker, a Gibson Les Paul on the right, Fender Bass, drums, and vocals. I wrote this song shortly after buying a blue Silvertone electric guitar at…

  • Captive Audience – Lost Highway

    Lost Highway is a short film by Captive Audience from a 1999 VHS tape, Vol. 2: Six short films. Copyright 1999 Conley/Warwick.